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    We think differently, design creatively, and laugh often. Enjoy!

    It's what we do.

      The Orange Olive is a small creative design studio based just outside of the Adirondack park in New York State. We approach advertising and design with an open mind. Every customer, business, and project has a unique set of needs that requires flexibility and creativity. Something we excel at. We increase visibility for your business by speaking to your customers like the individual decision making people that they are. Lets talk!

      The Perfect Team

      Great design that talks to people.

      It ain't fishing. In the end no one wants a hook in the mouth. People want to relate and feel good about their decisions. Our advertising, branding, and design speaks to people. It instills confidence by using concepts that people can relate to along with balanced graphics.

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      The Perfect Team

      Branding and Identity.

      When it comes to branding and logo development you can't afford to use just any design agency. We custom design every element of your new logo and create taglines that speak to the core of your business. Small business or largecorporation we can give you that crisp new identity that you deserve and will get you noticed.

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      Our Services

        Ultra Fast Support

        100% guarantee

        If you are ever dissatisfied with any product or service we will do everything in our power to ensure your trust, happiness, and satisfaction.

        Satisfaction Guaranteed

        It's that simple.

        Even though our core designs will be aimed at the people you want to attract, they will also be loved by your president, director, and the board.

        Built on a Solid Framework


        We always meet graphic design deadlines. period. As long as it is humanely possible. If it isn't… we call in robots.